Past Projects

zFestival Summer 2020

During this inaugural summer, 92 participants collaborated on 32 new pieces of music within our virtual community of artists. The schedule, outlined below, consisted of three weekly guest artist talks to inspire and challenge, two weekly rehearsal times, various social events and public performances, and two final galas to premiere the new works. Tuition for this summer was free.

We accepted applicants in the roles of Composer, Performer and Audio Engineer. Composers were given the month of June to compose a new piece with an 8′ time constraint for an ensemble predetermined by the zFestival team. Performers workshopped these pieces with the composer and audio engineer through a series of rehearsals that ranged from listening and discussing preliminary recordings to actually playing music over the internet. Audio Engineers were given a week to mix and master the final audio; ensembles were tasked with creating visuals to accompany this audio for the Final Galas.

The Final Gala Presentations took place on August 1 & 2 at 4pm EDT.

The Final Gala (part 1) can be watched here:

The Final Gala (part 2) can be watched here:


Guest Artists

Alex Temple, composer
Zoe Sorrell, flutist/entrepreneur
Lisa Bielawa, composer
Lisa Moore, pianist
Jacqueline Leclair, oboist
David Byrd-Marrow, hornist
Jennifer Jolley, composer
Isaac Schankler, composer/audio engineer
Todd Reynolds, violinist
Luke Damrosch, audio engineer

Events in colored boxes will be available to the public through YouTube livestreams.

All Guest Artist Presentations (in blue) can be watched here:

All public performances (in purple) can be watched here:

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